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David - Slap bass and vocals
Nadia - drums
Julio - Lead guitar
Angie Rhythm guitar

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16th Feb 2009

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Calamitiez raised from the ashes of two Barcelona based Rock..n..roll bands: Hi-fi Killers (Punk-rock) where Julio played guitar and Smell of Kat (Neo-rockabilly) where David played slap bass. David wanted more punk for his rockabilly and Julio needed more rockabilly for his punk, so when their two bands split up it was only a matter of time before fate and Satan himself made their paths cross, and together with Pep who had played drums with David in previous local rockabilly bands, The Calamitiez were born.

They played some local gigs, supporting Caravans on their visit to Barcelona and also appeared at the 12th and 13th Calella Psychobilly meetings, sharing stage with big names like DAG, Mad Sin or Nekromantix... They recorded their first demo "Blood, brains and the midnight hour" with 4 self-penned songs in April 2005 shortly before Pep left the band for personal reasons.

Satan played his role again and sent his naughtiest and most dangerous daughter, Nadia, who replaced Pep on drums. With renewed evil forces they started gigging again, supporting Mad Sin in their Barcelona show and had their first taste of published work with the inclusion of a track from their demo Army of the underworld on Viva La Slap!! 2005

But our insatiable dark lord had one last wish and sent them Spiderwoman to add rhythm guitar and complete the band. They signed for Crazy Love Records and released their debut album in June 2006. Over the following months they played a number local gigs including The Calella Psychomeeting in 2006; the late and legendary Vampirela in Zaragoza; supporting Mad Sin in Madrid and Barcelona in September 2006; the 20th Satanic Stomp - Speyer in April 2007; the Pieffe Factory (Italy) with Generation Mongolid and Rusty Cage in May 2007 and opening for other international acts such as Zombie Ghost Train and The Creepshow.

In August 2007 Calamitiez went underground to work on their 2nd album “Urban Legends” which was recorded in December 2007. Watch-out for the legendary release on Crazy Love Records in March 2008!

Website: Calamitiez

Calamitiez - Army of the Underworld (MP3)

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