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Bull it


THOMAS "DAX DRAGSTER" (ex Godless Wicked Creeps)
S?REN "IPLAND" (ex Stetson Five)


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Bull`it was formed a couple of years back, consisting of Thomas"Dax Dragster", vocals and double bass. Axel, guitar and backing vocals, and S?ren"Ipland" on drums. At that time the band was called "Mulekickers". It actually started as a sparetime band, just for fun. Thomas was playing in Godless wicked creeps, Axel in some rock band. The two was experimenting with some old country & western classics over a load of beers after work when they had the time for it. S?ren, a workingmate of Thomas and Axel, was playing in a party country & western band called Stetson five.

With this lineup they recorded one track, "I`ll be a mulekicker till the day I die" for the crazy love compilation "It came from hell". But even before it was released, there had to be some changes in the band.

Axel left the band, but Kasper"Friendly cowboy" joined in a short while after. Kasper was at that time also playing in Stetson five. Meanwhile, Thomas left Godless wicked creeps, and a short while after, S?ren and Kasper left Stetson five.

From beeing a "traditional"cowpunk band, they now started to grow their own style.

The band played a couple of local gigs, and recorded a live demo. That was enough to convince Guido Neumann at Crazy love records for the release of their debut album to be called: "THE EL VADO HAYRIDE".

Just like the bands rehearselroom (an old restored henhouse), they had to record in the right surroundings. They hooked up with engineer and co producer Maz, and after twelve days of isolation in the middle of nowhere, they came out with the result: Twelve selfcomposed manic cowbilly cuts. A half n' half mixture of fast hillbilly country & western and hard slappin' noisy psychobilly.

Booze, beers, beans, babes and bad beam bourbon whiskey, is what it's all about.

So beware of BULL'IT, they might visit your town one day.

The Elvado Hayride (CD, Crazy Love)

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