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Los Brioles

Los Brioles


orge Nunes : Guitars & vocals
Daniel Nunes :Slap Bass
Salva "the joker" : drums


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Los Brioles is one of the best spanish psychobilly bands and they have been playing for years, touring all along Spain, and in France and Germany too.

They began doing rockabilly at the end of the 70's and the first 80's, changing into psychobilly wiht the boom of this sound in the middle and last 80's .

That's the reason why their influences come from clasicals rockabillies like Johny Powers, Benny Joy or Rockin'R's and also from hard sounds like Ramones and The Clash. However, they're specially influence by Batmobile, you will notice it if you listen to them .

Their sound is really clear and the slapping bass is great. Perhaps they have been unknown because their lyrics are in spanish so no one understands them out of their country, but their live performances are incredible cool and shocking.

Moreover, they're very good musicians. Daniel makes everything you can imagine with the slap bass, even in the smallers places.


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