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The Brainbats

The Brainbats


Jeff: Guitar, voice
Chad: Drums
Seth: Bass


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"The Brain Bats began in mid 1994 when frontman Jeff got sick of hearing the same old music everyday and wanted to start something new. He meet up with Chad (former drummer of the hard-core band Tokin' With Choke) and the two proceeded to plan the kidnapping of the upright bass playing lunatic Seth. The abduction went down without a hitch and there was no escape for any of them. With the band members in place they began to plan their world domination through music. The crazy sounds to come out of the Bat Cave began to spread quickly and made a name for the three wirdoes. The sound was Psychobilly. The band became to fast and wild for all the Rockabilly fans in their area so they began playing out with all the great Punk bands like The Casualities, Blank 77, Wretched Ones and a mess of others. Though they sound nothing like these Punk bands, the crowd would always go wild when they hit the stage. The Curse Of The Brain Bats CD does a great job of capturing their craziness. A million times more crazy and wild than their first E.P. With Jeff howlin' like a mad trapped in a tomb and Seth slappin' the craziest bass lines ever heard on The Stand 'em Up Bat Bass. All held togehter with Chad's relentless non-stop drumming you just can't resist it. 14 songs of crazy psychobilly mayhem. A must have for any psycho"

Brainbats - Spastic (MP3)

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