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The Bodybags

The Bodybags


Simon - Guitar
Ramon - Vocals and Bass
Erik - Drums
Joost - Sologuitar

Now on The Bodybags
18th Sep 2007

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The Bodybags was originally started in the summer of 2006 by Simon and Ramon. They got to know each other at gigs, and when Simon heard that Ramon was practicing slapping the base they decided to start a band.

They started practicing outdoors and in Simon?s backyard companied with Robert. Simon and Robert knew a guy named Nik. When heard about them he came with the idea to sing.
While time passed on, and the band didn?t really get on. Robert seemed to be disappeared and they still didn?t have a drummer. Ramon and Simon knew a handsome guy named Erik who told he drummed 6 years ago and wanted to try again. They convinced him to join.

Now the only thing we needed was a place to practice. We heard about a place called Jacobiberg and we paid a visit and decided to split the rental costs.
After the first day practicing we finished the song called ?Bodybags?.
Weeks and new songs went by, when Nik came with the idea to involve an old friend of him called Joost. He would be able to play the solo?s. First everyone disagreed and wanted to keep the four person band.
But when Joost came by and played something we where sold.. So Joost came in the band as the fifth person. He catched on pretty quick.
Since then We were asked to play for all kinds of shows and things are still going great.

Website: The Bodybags

Bodybags, The - Psychopathic killer

Bodybags, The - Psychopathic killer (MP3)
Bodybags - Scum (MP3)
Bodybags - Zombie song (MP3)


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