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Billy Rebel

Billy Rebel


o'malley - bass, singer
frankenjean - guitar, vocals
mr grave - drum, backing vocals
joe phantom - keyboard

New band: Billy Rebel
10th Jul 2007

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Billy Rebel have been going since mid January 2007 and its already going fantastically, our songs are about a certain character called Billy Rebel who goes about his adventures and meets all kinds of weird monsters and ghouls. At the moment we feel we are progressing really well considering our first gig was in March. I think the horror make-up and double bass and just spooky feel about us has appealed to the crowd mainly because there aren?t any local bands that are going for the horror type theme.

Billy Rebel is a fast and different style band using influences from Horror, Gore, Zombies, 50's Rock and Roll, Thrashing Metal and Crazy Punk. Our song's are about a certain character called "Billy Rebel" who meet various monsters, ghouls and weird creatures.

The 4 piece band has so many influences from old rockabilly, to metal, and fast punk.

We are all into a variety of different music our influences are from Psychobilly, Metal and Punk mainly. At first we were very sceptical about whether this mix of styles would actually go down very well but it seems to be working for us.

Website: Billy Rebel


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