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Drums, screams: Johnny Zuidhof
Guitar, vocals: Jeroen Haamers
Bass, vocals: Eric Haamers.

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5th Jan 2010
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1st Apr 2009
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16th Jun 2008
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13th May 2006

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In 1983 the name Batmobile is used for a new Dutch band. Jeroen Haamers (guitar) and Johnny Zuidhof (drums) were together in school, and were the only rockabillies in their school and even in the city they lived in at that time! Within a few weeks the band found a bassplayer, named Eric Haamers, the brother of Jeroen.

After a few months of covers of Elvis, Johnny Burnette and gene Vincent they decided to write their own songs. The songs were heavely inspired by the rockabilly past, but with an own sound. The songs were restless, energethic, and fast, this combined with wild live shows attracted people from the psychobilly scene towards the band.

Within some time record labels were interested in the band and in 1985 the first record was produced. After this record a lot of people it became clear that there was an audience that liked the unique sound of Batmoblie, which led to many concerts in Europe.

After some time Batmobile wasn't as much interested in psychobilly anymore as in the beginning. They thought that most of the bands lacked 'creativity and musicality'. This is why Batmobile decided to play only their own sound and style.

After the tenth album it's obvious that Batmobile has their own style, which they begin to call B-music. Like in a B-movie, B-music represents bad musicians, cheap humor, horror, naked women and the time of your life.

On the tenth album they abandoned the upright bass and introduced the electric bass, in order to become the Mot?rhead of psychobilly.

Website: Batmobile

Batmobile - Bring all my love
Batmobile - Shoot shoot

Batmobile - Ballroom Blitz
Batmobile - Love Disease
Batmobile - Rockin Rooster
Batmobile - The Ace Of Spades
Batmobile - Transsylvanian Express

Batmobile - Transsylvanian express (MP3)

Amazons From Outer Space (CD, Count Orlok)
Bail Set At Six Million Dollars (CD, Nervous)
Bambooland (CD, Count Orlok)
Blast From The Past The Worst And The (CD, Count Orlok)
Buried Alive (CD, Count Orlok)
Hard Hammer Hits (CD, Count Orlok)
Is Dynamite (CD, Count Orlok)
Midnight Maniac (CD, Count Orlok)
Sex Starved (CD, Count Orlok)
Shoot Shoot (CD, Count Orlok)
Shoot Shoot (CD, Count Orlok)
Welcome To The Planet Cheese (CD, Count Orlok)
Amazons From Outer Space (LP, Count Orlok)
Bail Set At Six Million Dollars (LP, Crazy Love)


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