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The Barbarellas

The Barbarellas


Vulnavia - vocals and tambourine
Atomica - guitar and ray gun
Sugar Cane - bass
Andromeda - supersonic beat
Fata Organa - crumar and backing vocals


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The Barbarellas consists of five young apparently innocent girls, aged 10.000 to 13.000 years. Their sole reason for travelling thousands of light year through space and visiting the planet Tellus, is to kidnap young handsome males and bring them as love slaves back to their home, The Planet of Temptation. Their secret weapon is playing supersonic music in a manner that only space females are capable of. The Barbarellas are known for playing conserts (including candy-eating and make up-applying breaks) where the audience enters a state of nausea and vertigo, and several of the men in the audience disappears mysteriously. No need to say that the space girls handle their instruments as well as their make up-kit!

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