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Bang Bang Bazooka

Bang Bang Bazooka


Marcel Hoitsma: Vocals, Rhytm Guitar
Jean-Francois Besson: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Rene van Iersel: Drums
Bart Gevers: Double Bass

BANG BANG BAZOOKA new album: Hell Yeah!
20th Jun 2007
Tourdates for Bang Bang Bazooka
17th Apr 2006

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Bang Bang Bazooka is a quartet formed in January 1987.

Marcel played for 4 years in the rockabilly band "The Caveman". Boppin' through the rockabilly circuit. The Caveman made quite a reputation.

JF played in the French rockabillyband "Blue Cadillacs". Rocking for several years through the south of France.

Rene stopped playing in the illustrious famed punkband "Tubifex" in 1985.

Bart is the new-comer but certainly no layman. For years he's been trying to saw his bass in two pieces in a classical way.

Bang Bang Bazooka: rockabilly from the 80's. Influenced by some country & blues. Their songs are mainly their own compositions. In the spring of 1988 their first record was released on the Dutch label "Count Orlok Records". The record was well received, and they did many gigs through Europe. In june 1989 their party animal and loyal roadie Arno died after a tragical acciden. In 1990 the second records "True Rebel" was released, dedicated to Arno.

In 2004 the band started a reunion. The band members are men now, still friends, still into music. These occasions that they play are getting more and more frequent, and weren't possible if they didn't have the help of Karel Panjer, excellent bassplayer, filling in Bart's place whenever he's not playing bass in Peter Pan Speedrock!

Website: Bang Bang Bazooka

Bang Bang Bazooka - Long Black Train (MP3)

(CD, Count Orlok)
True Rebel (CD, Count Orlok)
Hell Yeah (CD, Crazy Love)


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