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Bad Luck Streak

Bad Luck Streak


Greg: Voice
Eli: Guitars
Mitch: Bass
Moody: Drums


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The following is an interview with the Psychobilly band Bad Luck Streak from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This interview was conducted at Permanent impressions Tattoo Studio Lemoyne, Pennsylvania on May 25, 1995. Interviewed by Dick Fitzwell.

MRR: What are everybody's names and ages and what do you play?
Greg: I'm Greg, I'm 20 and I sing.
Eli: I'm Eli, I play guitar at age 22?
Chris: Chris, 18, and drums.
Mitch (da Snitch): 20 years old and bassplayer extradrinaire.
MRR: What style of music do you guys play?
Greg: We are basically a psychobilly band, but we are influenced by punk, rock and early eighties Brittish punk and oi! music.
MRR: Tell me about the Harrisburg scene.
Eli: What Harrisburg scene? It's kinda tired around here.
Greg: It's hard to get shows around here. Not too many people around here know much about psychobilly. Our friends are real into it and the crew from Permanent Impressions is really supportive.
Mitch: All the people who hear the demo are into it. For most of them it's their first experience with our style of music.
MRR: What have you guys released so far?
Chris: We've done 2 demos so far.
MRR: So you guys are looking for a label?
Eli: We are always looking to get our music out, so yes!
Greg: We mail out lot's and lots of tapes to labels, friends, clubs, anyone who will listen.
MRR: What US labels would you most like to hook up with?
Eli: Right now, we really want to do a 7" on any label. We've been sending tapes to all labels who put out stuff somewhat like us, like Headache Records.
Chris: Or labels like Crypt, Bag of Hamsters, etc.
Greg: It's kinda hard being a psychobilly band in the middle of the Quaker State. We're surrounded by kids who have been into punk for like 3 weeks and rappers. Hard rock cover bands are also big here. We'll find a space though.
MRR: How long has the band been together?
Greg: About a year, but we didn't have a bass player till las January. Mitch came along when we recorded our second demo at Lebanon Valley College. He was the engineer on it and liked it so much that we told him he had no choice but to come play with us.
Eli: Either that or die some kind of freak accident. Actually I knew Mitch from before when two other bands we were in playing together.
MRR: Who has been in what bands so far?
Greg: This is my first real band.
Eli: I was in the punk band Mainliner for about 3 years.
Chris: I was in Something Strange and Alien and Strangers.
Mitch: I'm currently in the Lawn Boys too.
Eli: I thought I told you to quit that crap!
MRR:How did you guys come up with the band name?
Eli: Basically it's the story of our lives(ahh)!
MRR: Do you have plans for future shows?
Mitch: Fast Eddy again (a really cool pool hall turned 50's bar)
Eli: We'll play anywhere, anytime!
MRR: Do you believe in Elvis?
Eli: Huh?
Greg: He's alive and well Daddy-o!
Mitch: I thought Eli was Elvis spelled shorter or something. MRR: What are some of your favorite bands?
Mitch: Old 50's rock, anything on Crypt, Devil Dogs etc.
Chris: Nothing!
Eli: I love Brittish psycho bands like The Krewmen, Phantom Rockers, The Meteors, and lots of punk.
Greg: All the bands Eli said, The Muffs and so many more.

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