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Jay-sin(Sinner) Bass
Hector(HeXX) Drums
Pechis Vocals
Bryan(SkunX) Guitar


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Apathetic-Youth started in the summer of 2001. Fernando Hernadez(guitarist) and Jason Rios(bass) were starting a band at the moment. Fernando and Jason wanted to make music that people would enjoy and appreciate good rhythm. Luis Lucero(vocalist) dropped by Fernando's house to get guitar lessons from him. While Fernado and Jason were practicing, Luis would be practicing to strum a guitar.

In the late summer of 2001, Fernando and Jason decided to let Luis sing for the band. As soon as Luis joined the band, the band decided to be named Apathetic-Youth. Apathetic-Youth were influence by Subhumans, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Black Flag, Union 13, Jimi Hendrix and The Velvet Underground, which made Apathetic-Youth to start playing punk rock. In the winter of 2001, Armando Quiroz joined the band to be the drummer for A-Y. Armando' influeces were black metal and classic metal.

In the summer of 2002, Armando left the band due to fact that he didn't like punk and couldn't stand punks. A-Y found Hector Gallegos in a backyard party, only to be messing around with the drum-set of another band. A-Y asked Hector to join the band as a permanent drummer. As many months past by, A-Y forgot about punk rock and found a new genre that people actually enjoyed, which was psychobilly. A-Y played at many backyard parties and gained lots of attention from many people that didn't know what was psychobilly. As soon as A-Y was heard, many people in Orange County requested them to play at their place. After the backyard parties, A-Y began to play at many local show cases in well known venues like Chain Reaction, Hogues Barmichaels and etc. They've played with the lead singer from Los Crudos, D. I., The Stitches, Clit 45 and 46 short and many more. Apathetic-Youth gained a good reputation for the song named "The Demons are out Tonight," that made people from Orange County, LA, San Diego, Texas, Idaho, Utah, Michigan and some in Europe to realize that A-Y existed. Mix Tiger Army, The Quakes, Sonic Youth and Nekromantix and you'll get a good idea of how Apathetic-Youth sound.

Website: Apathetic-Youth

Apathetic-Youth - Demons Are Out Tonight, The (MP3)


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