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Comp of The Living Dead is the 2012 Halloween Mix produced by The official release date is October 25th 2012. It contains a mix of horror punk, punk rock, and psychobilly songs that make for a perfect Halloween party. The entire album flows nicely and gives bits of music from all around the world. Accompanying the album is a hefty PDF with photos and links to other bandsí pages. Which is good-because lots of them need more attention and have more free downloads.

I canít talk about every band in the album. I donít have the time. But there are lots of major names such as Calabrese, Rhythm Dragons, Kitty in a Casket, The horribillies, and the Stellar Corpses, and Rezurex.

There are also plenty of Chicago bands: Creepy Band, Nothing to Gain, and The Faster (admittedly their track is a little pitchy)-all of which I feel obligated to give a mention to but I will not go further due to friends in some of the bands. I like them-but it would be unfair to focus on them as all I would do is shower them with praise.

There is very little on this album I vehemently dislike. A Beast Within, just wasnít doing it for me, and the Vegas Death Rays were ok but they have lots of room to improve. Dead City Saints is a band I am glad I looked further into. I did not like their submission; but everything outside of this album I thoroughly enjoyed. It was nice to hear more from Creepsville666 as I am impatiently waiting for their next album release.

Two of the recent discoveries I am particularly fond of on the psychobilly side are the Grave Slaves and the Go Devils. Recently Deceased were also impressive and reminded me a bit of The Stellar Corpses. Rumblejetts had one of the most rhythmically pleasing songs on the entire album, and deserve a great deal of credit for that considering the size of the compilation.

Horrorpunk recognition has to DarKbies who have a great sound and Black Cat Attack. Its always nice to get something new from Dead United and the band Annabelís Ashes was very pleasing.

With such a mass number of bands, there were bond to be a few that were decent, but just not my taste in music. So I have to give a mention to Angie and the Car Wrecks, as well as Monster a-go-go. There are plenty of people who I am sure will like them; but I donít.

The album is a great representation of psychobilly and horror punk across the world, and there is definitely something for everyone within the album. Considering that the album is also FREE you would be a fool not to download it and at the very least check it out.

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