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<  Reviews of albums  ~  The Sons of El Roacho ~ can u dig it ?!
PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:15 am  Reply with quote

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THE SONS OF EL ROACHO ~ can you dig it sucka !

These guys come from the Sheffield area of Yorkshire and altho we put them on at the last Bedlam festival... i'm not being biased when i say.... "yeah.. we dig it " !! ~ catch em live if you get the chance.. but do wear sunglasses !!!.

TRACK 1 : can u dig it sucka ~ this track starts off with big Pat asking ya .."can you dig it"... which is all done with such confidence for a new band !.... a great track and a nice opener ... it's got some good pace to it with a nice clean sound throughout.

TRACK 2 : rockin daddy ~ "psycho".. comes the opening scream !! ~ whack !... this track is an absolute corker !! ... it has a fantastic comparison to the real rockabilly sound of the masters themselves .... the Meteors !!! ~ i kid you not !.. it's that good !.
Great pumpin bass , some ace pickin butt kickin guitarwork & all led smooth as a babys cheek ! by some neat drumwork ! ~ rockin psycho at it's best !

TRACK 3 : brand new cadillac ~ now i have to be honest about this track.. i really have never liked it by anyone that i can recall !! .. so i can only say that i'm not partial to it !!.. BUT... Sons of el roacho do actually get my vote for their version which is nicely done !

TRACK 4 : big noise ~ some superb guitar work yet again in this number.. a lovely boppin blues beat goin on in places & for some reason they just seem to make this kinda sound so slick !.... it's not your typical blues bopper as it also has some ass kickin sections to it too that just ooze power !... i'd say that if ya dig old school psychobilly , neo rockabilly etc. ?.. then this track ( and the whole c.d ) will be right up ya strasse !!

TRACK 5 : surgeon sound ~ the guitar at the begining fades in nicely and goes straight into some pounding psycho/rockabilly ! ~ a marvellous sick psycho song written well , sung well and played to a great standard.... yes some people may say that this topic has been done thousands of times before ?... but hey, who gives a shit... i personally love songs about nutty killers !!

TRACK 6 : little red riding hood ~ now lots of bands have done this song & i particularly love the Meteors version which i'm sure most out there have heard ?!!!! ~ well the sons have performed the number superbly and towards the end of it they add their own kick by speeding it up a notch which does work very well ~ a great version which sits a fraction behind the Meteors version .. but miles ahead of any other versions i have heard !

TRACK 7 : fog town ~ this track is played with the "by now" accepted gutsy strength the these guys seem to deliver ! ... a nicely growled vocal that has a slight American style to it ?.... plenty of stop start goin on in this track , which i would have preffered to have had less of as it just kind of takes the edge off it !... maybe it's just me ?.. but you just get into it and then another real slow piece thrown in ! ~ nicely done but not my favourite track by a long stretch !

TRACK 8 : for you ~ I love the Anti nowhere league version of this .. so i was in the "this could be interesting" mode when listening to it .... expecting it to fail miserably as i really rate the Leagues version and couldn't see any rockin band pulling off a copy !! ~ but no mate ! ~ kicks butt all the way through to be honest ! ~ i love Pats in your face style of vocal which he makes it seem effortless ! ~ all instruments are played extremely well imo and i'd say this would be a powerful song when they do it live !! .. great track again !

TRACK 9 : voodoo cocktail ~ brilliant drumming in this one ! it's got that stompin' jungle voodoo feel to it alright !! ~ everything from the nice slap bass to the class guitar , to the song writing of this one says to me that these nutty northern herberts could , and should go far once this debut disc is more widely out there ! .... like a lot of the "newer" on the scene British bands... if they get heard by some of the mainlands venues & promoters ... would i'm sure go down well with our psycho/rockin brothers and sisters out there ?!!!...... it bodes well for the scene here in Britain having bands like sons of el roacho around .... but i think my only negative thought on the guys would be the "dressing up" on stage !! ~ yes .. you do notice them !!!.. but they don't need to dress up to get noticed !... let the music do the talking guys... coz you have definately got it !.
TRACKS 10 & 11 : ~ well !!!!!!!!!! ~ i'm all for trying something a bit different !. but why did they include this ?..... electro billy ?!?.... i can only presume that they had to much spare time in the studio and were mucking around ?!!! ~ i can't even review it it's that scary !!!!
HIDDEN TRACK 12 !! : Now that's better fellas !!! ~ they close the album with an awesome version of the mighty CRAMPS " you got good taste" !! ... this has for years been a floor filler in the clubs etc. and was always a favourite of mine too ! ~ any band that dares to grab a Cramps song by the scruff of the neck and manage to do it justice like the Sons of el roacho have done ...... gets my vote ! ~ well done to the guys for an absolute blinding debut album which is full to the brim with stomping "rockin'" psychobilly... please do go and check them out live if you get the chance ?.... they often play with punk bands up north aswell as the psycho shows they get over the country ... and like i say , lets hope that some of the promoters in Germany , Holland etc. hook up with them ?... . At last our "new breed" of smaller bands are starting to get over the pond with bands like Graveyard johnnys , Luna vegas and the "not so new" ! Hyperjax spreading the british disease further than our shores !!

Contact Sons of el roacho on......
Highly recommended !!

psychobilly is like a dog - it's for life , not just for christmas fucker !
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alcoholic rat
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:36 am  Reply with quote

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I really like this album and often give it a spin, some funny lyrics in there, thought they put on a great show at Bedlam too.

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Crazy Bake
PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:39 am  Reply with quote
So-Cal Kid

Joined: 02 Mar 2011
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Location: Sheffield

Good review Tobe, but will point out that track 5, Surgion Sound, this song is very old, done by Pat and Billy's first band The Zyclones, back in the early 80's when Billy was a drummer.
Crackin album.

Crazy Bake
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