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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:22 pm  Reply with quote
So-Cal Kid

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Release: Crazy Love rec. 2011
Name : Self Titled

First of all I need to say that most songs from the album I had a luck to hear before the official release both live and some tracks recorded as demo. The Cd killed all my impression about the band that I've alredy had to that moment.It smell like a serious job,not just funny freak-style busking outside or live performance with dozens of humorous shit.It's sounds like it's been played on the only one wave,like theyy lived the last day on the Planet Earth and decided to get all availible sounds from their instrumens,neither it's sounds qualify and even serious with a lot of studio job.
Now let's see what we got.10 tracks with the total 35min. of awesome psycho madness.The first song hited me with a bunch of speed riffs and slapbass atack,it's reminded me of tootache or smth,but instead of annoying ache,it's made me to feel the rhythm like high-speed engine was working on.

The second song "I'm sick" begins slowly and soft with the howls on the background,that provides you a trip to the mad house and this impression gettin stronger and stronger while temp is increasing.Reminds me of golden 80's years with psychodelic attitude.
Third one is the midlle tempo song,straight as fuck,but the blues harmonica make it sound rather interesting and it's a great founded solution to acomlish the song's sound.
The next track is the song you all know,cover version of You're my baby.Well,have to say that's it's not so ineresting to listen to this song one more time before a bunch of bands've made covers on this song,but painted with the yells of cats in March with screams of toothless child it's sounds a lil bit different.

Psychobilly Party is the great song,dedicated to all who don't want to let their shoes collect the dust somewhere in the corner.Speedy,aggressive,with the neorockabilly attitude as it worth.

Well,I have to say that the good album can't be spoiled by one song.Long blond hair cover-version is sounds like lo-fi psychobilly and it differs from the whole album' conception by my opinion.

One of my absolutely favorite tracks - the Shitman.Nice,funny song with the toilet humour,played with the strong double bass and crazy rhythm guitar,just like we all like. This song also appeared on Russian psycho compilation called "Fresh blood" and it was a big surprise.

Album ends with the slow diabolic track,dark as hell.I must notice that it's arranged very good.Instead of being rather long it's been listened to by me like one breath was made.

This debut leaves good impression and I concider it's rather strong release. I hope this album will be another,but big drop in revival of Russian psychobilly scene in authentic meaning of the word.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:21 pm  Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:20 pm  Reply with quote

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DaFey wrote:
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