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PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:00 am  Reply with quote

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Saturday.......Missed Killing Seymour which wasnt planned but ran into fellow Geordies in the pub....pressing matters were discussed Wink
Arrived for VOODOO BONES.....Enjoyed there set and there is definitly talent in there group,mainly the lead guitarist but also a good front man...good way to kick off the day...Next 6 FEET UNDER....they started off brillantly for me,very tight and i agree with Liam, a great double bass player...there sound is similar to latter days Gutter Demons which is no bad thing but then they started to do heavy metal riffs and i mean HEAVY METAL RIFFS...i lost interest to be honest....FRANTIC VERMIN...i loved these at the last Bedlam so i was reaaly looking forward to them and they didnt disappoint...Old school Psycho with an added Surf edge,love it...and there 5 track cd is worth tracking down.........BLACK KAT BOPPERS....I thought these were nothing short of SUPERB!!!!!! Yes mainly covers but for me they were done with confidence,style and pure Rockin sexiness....Good banter with the crowd who seemed to love em.....MONSTER KLUB....I like these on cd but i have to say every song really nearly sounded the same,and im at pain to say it but its a lot to do with Paskals vocals .......very disappointed.....RESTLESS....yep there good on there instruements and they did all the classics but i still buggered off halfway thru to hotel to drop my camera off.............Last but not least...GUANA BATZ...By far the BEST LIVE band on the scene at the moment,they just breeze thru the songs with ease and never fail to entertain.......Great songs that had the pit big and sweaty........A great way to end the weekend
A massive thanks to all the BEDLAM is obvious to all that attend that these lads/lasses put nothing but 100% effort into this weekend for both the bands and us punters....Definitly the back bone of the uk scene....Nothing but respect for the Bedlam lot.....See yas in September for MAD SIN,NIGEL LEWIS,D.A.G and more Laughing Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:10 am  Reply with quote

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LiamRevenge wrote:
PsykoKid wrote:
LiamRevenge wrote:
PsykoKid wrote:
I would've loved to see Guana Batz and Restless!
I bet it was awesome!
What do you mean by "plastic face"? Laughing

He basically had one facial expression, didn't move his head EVER, and his face was all shiny, so he looked like he'd had somebody else's face grafted onto his own! Shocked

Ahahaha! Laughing Laughing Laughing
Sorta like a Barbie doll! Wink

More like this

Laughing Laughing Laughing Got a picture of this guy? Mr. Green

Do they scare me? Uhuh, I donít think so!
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:43 am  Reply with quote

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Wotcha... a very belated response from me here !! ~ so sorry for the delay in saying a MASSIVE thanks to all of ya out there that not only attended the festival.. but also to those out there in psycholand that have helped dish out fliers / posters etc. and helped to make the Bedlam thing what it is !!....... a drunken weekend ( for most !! ) full of (we hope) great bands.. old and new alike !!.
Now of course with the line up's we put together.. we won't please everyone !! ~ that's 100% sure that it won't happen !!.... even for us lot we don't all like every band that play !! ~ but i've read / listened and watched various vids etc. all the following week or so .. and have just about listened to all the recorded sets too ! ~ so i feel in a better position to comment now on the gig.. coz i don't get much of a chance to see owt at the time !!.
Anyway... a great crowd turned out which we'd like to thank you all for especially as times are hard for all !. ~ No trouble this time round either !!..
Friday : Manchester's Smokin lucifers ... a good "steady" rockin sound from these fellas who imo didn't seem phased at all by playing on a bigger stage.. tho they don't agree with me saying they have a neo rockabilly sound !! ~ i shall accept defeat guys !! ~ they have a c.d available that i also really love !! ~track it down folks !
Epileptic Hillbilly's : i personally love these guys from Sheffield.. and reckon they will just rocket up the bills at festivals and gigs this year !... and on listening to the set they played this week.. they certainly kicked butt at Bedlam i'd say ! ~ go buy the debut c.d too.. it's gonna be hard to beat this year imo !.
The Hangmen : what can ya say about these guys ?.. Loz stepped in as a last min replacement for the Lost souls which we'd like to thank em for doing ! ~ well , for all my sins i class Loz n the gang as friends anyway.. but i just love the no-nonsense heavy duty style they play... and from what i heard.. they kicked butt as only the Hangmen can ! ~ great set imo !
Bang bang bazooka : These guys from Eindhoven , Holland were one of my own personal "i wanna get em to Bedlam" bands... how self indulgent of me eh !! Laughing ~ but with all the work we had on our plates i missed em !! Crying or Very sad Embarassed ~ but now i've listened to their set.. fookin glad we bought em over !! ~ kick arse live act that seemed to enjoy playing for you lot as much as you lot seemed to enjoy watching em !! ~ great band imo.
Frenzy : love em or loathe em ? & i love em !... there's no denying that they put on a corking good live show filled with old classics aswell as new tracks from the latest c.d in the blood ! ~ i will however agree with one or two comments made about the "solo" bits involved in the set !... but thats my only "tiny" gripe about them ! ~ really nice guys who give it their all on stage and just wanna ( and do ) entertain a crowd !!
Killing seymour : sounded a lot heavier than i recall the last time i caught em !.. but for the better imo !... female fronted who maybe could do with moving about a bit more ?.. but i'm certain with more shows under the belt.. they'll just get better and better ! ~ nice start to the day by the sound of it !
Voodoo bones : now these guys have a c.d out which i'd recommend to anyone !!.... and they seemed to have won over a fair few new fans judging on the response we had at the weekend !! ~ live , they sounded very good.. but could maybe chuck in a couple of faster tracks ?... but that's no criticism either as they played a good strong set based mainly around the c.d. ~ they are definately a band to watch out for imo !!
6 Feet down : these guys hail from france.. and not only are they nice people .. but imo can give a lot of bands out there a run for their money !! ~ yes.. they do have a different sound to lots of other bands out there... but is't that what Bedlam is all about ?!!.... i'm surprised by Liams comments and also the "rating" given ?!... yeah.. not everyone likes the same stuff.. but listening to the recording... they kicked a new hole in the Bedlam stage's arse !... and.... they certainly went down really well judging by the crowd noise !! ~ top class "new school" psychobilly if you ask me matey !!
Frantic vermin : Dutch "old school" sound from these ..our friends and fellow rodents !!. The set they played was a corker to my ears !! ~ and if you saw them last time they played Bedlam ?.. i think you'll agree they have grown in confidence a whole heap !! ~ if Bert Jan did seem a little nervous ?... it's just purely down to his love of his music and wanting to give the crowd what they had paid for !! ~ which they did !!
Black kat boppers : what a band imo ! ~ after the break in the day .. they got the crowd back in party mood for sure ! ~ yes.. lotsa covers in their set.. but all with the BKB style thrown in ! ~ as for Roys vocal being weak ?... get a grip !! ~ he can sing a tune for sure !!.. and hopefully they will get more n more gigs off the back of playing Bedlam.. not just on the psychobilly circuit either.. as they will go down a storm on the rockabilly scene too !
Monster Klub : French and no holds barred psychobilly played in a pretty heavy style which sounds good on c.d !! ~ yes i can understand what some people would say about Paskal's vocal style... but all in all a strong thunderous set from these guys who i must say i much prefer with the slap bass to the e-bass !! ~ and a personal thanks to Paskal also for the new Bedlam logo that he designed for us ! merci !!
Restless : A good set from a band that have always been a favourite of ours.. and the first time on a Bedlam line up too ! ~ but altho they played most of the classics that you'd expect of them... they cut the set short & seemed to have had some issues regarding the sound ?!!! ( turn up the volume on the amp & laugh about making a plonker of ya'self ) instead of hissy fits and blaming others !! ~ sorry , but they left us feeling a bit dissapointed if the truth be known ! ~ a shame really as like i say.. always been a fav of ours and we'd eagerly awaited this set ~ which what they did do was absolutely blinding !!
Guana Batz : no need to say much about these guys !! ~ very easy to work with.. fantastic live set delivered to get the crowd battering the hell outta each other !! ~ they did all ya fav numbers .. some very old ones were thrown in for good measure and also we had the honour of having some of Diddles family at the festival to "celebrate" his life with the Batz as it was 10 years since he passed away ! ~ i hope that using the word "celebrate" is okay with them ?.. but that's how i saw it...
Well... like i said already.. thanks to everyone that rammed the venue ... all the bands that played , the venue staff and everyone that help us keep Bedlam going !!
If anyone wants any festival merch ? ~ just contact us either here , facebook or over at :
Also , we are going to be upgrading the web site with all the merchandise we sell ~ c.d's / vinyl / shirts etc. ... but if anyone wants to send over photos of any of the Bedlam festivals ?... we'd be happy to add them to the gallery ( of rogues !)
Date for ya diaries : 23rd / 24th september 2011 ~ Bedlam #12 Twisted Evil Wink

psychobilly is like a dog - it's for life , not just for christmas fucker !
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