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Psycho Paul
PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:08 am  Reply with quote
So-Cal Kid

Joined: 05 Jul 2009
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Sped Kings New Album release

What Can I Say About This Album Apart From Truely Amazing,
These Guys Are Amongst The Top Of The new Psychobilly Bands On The Scene Today, Even Though They've Been Together For some Time Now, Sharing The Stage With such Greats As Frenzy & Vince Ray & The Boneshakers & Many Many More Greats

When You First Put The Disc In You Deck Your Met With "Charlie Don't Surf" A Fantastic Instro' Track!! How Can I Start To Describe It O, Yeah Vince Taylor's "Brand New Cadillac" Meets Demented Psycho Surf Sounds !! This Will Certainly Put You In the Mood For What,s In Store......Another 10 Tracks Of Raw Boned Psychobilly!!!
From "KIss Me Goodbye" A Moonlight Maniac One Way Ride Hell, To The Final Track A Hauning Blues Bopper a Twist On The Lloyd Price Classic "Stagger Lee" This Album Is 100% High Octained Psychobilly From Start To Finished
In My Opinion One Of The best psychobilly Releases Of The Year

Halloween Night 2009 Wil Be The Official Release Date For The Album How Apt That Its Gonna Be In One Of Englands Most Haunted Pubs All I Can Say Is I Hope The spirits can wreck as This Is gonna be One Hell Of A Halloween Masacre
Psycho Paul Twisted Evil

Old Skool Psycho!!
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Big Man
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:05 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 18 Oct 2009
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I have to agree with the review above. I got the Cd last night at the release party and listened to it earlier today. The Cd has done what most bands struggle to achieve, which is capturing the raw, live energy that the band puts into its live show onto a compact disc. If you have not managed to get hold of this cd yet I would make it the next on you To Buy list.

I'm an arsehole, not a fucking arsehole
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:50 am  Reply with quote

Joined: 12 Oct 2007
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‘Speed Kings’
A rough diamond debut

This is just what is needed when you are getting yourselves out there as a band. An album full of passion, energy, enthusiasm and ideas, with a little left to work on even though you don’t know it yet. Speed Kings are pretty hard to slip into a genre apart from fast and furious, just when you are thinking Speed Rock up comes a whole bucket-load of Rockabilly, then some dark Country and Surf. Yes they chuck it all into a mix that is cranked up as tight as it can go and then just let loose. It is a great debut, rough and ready in all the right places, the jump off point to greater things.

Simon Nott

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:00 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 12 Oct 2007
Posts: 1240
Location: Derby, UK

Tobe Wright - Bedlam Breakout: Psychobilly Retards Facebook Page

SPEED KINGS: Debut album - Self titled

The first couple of listens to this , i must admit.. took a little while to get into !... BUT... and a big BUT... after really listening to it properly.... wallop !!.. it's kinda got me !!

TRACK 1 : charlie don't surf ~ an instumental.... a nice paced track with the obvious overtones of a surf like number !! ~ pretty good, but i personally don't think it's an opener to their debut c.d. ! maybe it's just me ?.. but i'm not heavily into instrumental's.. they have to be something exceptional to grab me !

TRACK 2 : kiss me goodbye ~ a real nice fast paced start to this !... you straight away know this track has got power to it !!!... pounding drums , loud guitar which slide along nicely with Johnnys growling vocal.... good solid slap bass thuds along all the way through this track.. but maybe could have been a little more prominant ?... fuck it .. turn up the bass on the stereo Tobe !!!.

TRACK 3 : substance , love & suicide ~ this follows on nicely from track 2..... really fast guitar work , nicely put together track with a couple of breaks displaying some cool drum work aswell as some good licks on the ole guitar ! ~ the slap bass is a lot better in this track too... some good steady stuff from Greg in this one !

TRACK 4 : hey gringo ~ i've always liked this number by the the lads ! ~ i'm not sure if it's a re-working of an earlier version or not ?.. but it's a slower number with a nice driving beat to it ... it's one of those tracks that probably because of the chorus ... really sticks in your mind !..... in places , i'd even compare some parts of the guitar work to Fenech.... whom i'd say possibly has an influence on Johnny somewhere along the line ?

TRACK 5 : bullet train ~ a great number in my opinion !... some really nice drum work.. which has been done before in songs to do with trains !!... but really enjoyable all the same ! a good all round number that by rights ought to get people in the pit when they play it live .. nice and fast to punch ya mates too !!!

TRACK 6 : 13 ~ another top track this one !!... it's got that kinda "blues bopper " feel to it with some real nice vocal thrown in for good measure !... then in places it really kicks arse ... loudly !! ~ one of my favourite tracks on the album !

TRACK 7 : night of the dead ~ this track starts off with a real nasty ( in a good way ! ) growl to it !... it's got a pretty punky feel to it and it's the first track on here that the backing vocal stands out a lot to me !.... tho for some reason it has , in my mind , become one of the tracks that if i had to skip through the album.. i'd maybe only listen briefly to it ?!!!

TRACK 8 : the last ride ~ this has grabbed me again ! .. a mental track that has the whole band slamming the fuck out of their instruments !! ~ it's got such power to it !! excellent number this one !!... it's fast , desperate rock n roll at it's best !!

TRACK 9 : ladykiller ~ this track is another medium / fast paced number with some very good drum work in it in places.... on the whole it's a good track.. but not a stand out one tho !

TRACK 10 : white lines ~ fast fast fast !!! ~ another nice "album track" that i'd imagine at a good gig would get the wreckers moving ?!!!

TRACK 11 : stagger lee ~ possibly my favourite track on the album ?!!!..... it's got some real haunting vibe going on in this one ..... a nice bluesy feel to it .. in a dirty sleazy kinda way ~ well i reckon you'll dig it folks... it's about a killer after all !!!

Like i said at the beginning , it took me a few listens to get into it... but i would honestly say it's worth going to the effort of buying ! .... it's one of those albums that you "slide into " , if ya get what i mean ?!.
The Speed kings are one of Britains hardest working " new " bands.. tho they have been going for a while now !... but they do put themselves out there and get gig's... unlike some of the U.K's smaller bands ... so in my opinion , they deserve to have people buying this debut that they did all on their own !! ~ they have done it from the heart & it shows the dedication they have to have created what they wanted to get out there !! ~ support them by buying it from

Rating : 8 / 10 ~ nice debut album ... now go catch em live !!!!!

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